3PL & Warehousing

A strategic supply chain partner with specialties in 3PL warehousing, transportation, and distribution

As James Worldwide, a strategic supply chain partner who fulfills the role of 3PL, we manage and customize the entire supply chain, from warehousing, transportation, and distribution in multi-regional or local solutions throughout the United States.

Partnership with James Worldwide will provide extra values effectively for customers who want maximum efficiency and flexibility from their supply chain.

  • Specialized product storage and handling
  • Conventional and high-density storage
  • Cross-docking and merge-in- transit
  • Retail mixing center operations
  • Warehouse management system integration
  • Dedicated and shared-user operations
  • Pick and Pack
  • Bar Code and Labeling
  • Inventory Management

Fashion Industry:
Routing, Pick & Pack, and Replenishment Management

James Worldwide’s supply chain specialists understand the complexities and dynamics of each segment of the Garments & Fashion industry. Through the experience and relationship with the world’s leading fashion companies for many years ensure expectation of needs at competitive costs.

Our passion for adding extra values by delivering exceptional customer service syncs well with high fashion and luxury brands’ own focus on providing the highest levels of customer experience.

James Worldwide’s deep knowledge in trade compliance for exotic materials coupled with enhanced security for both boxed and hanging items, provides high fashion and luxury brands with a secure global logistics platform for shipping high value.