Specialized Service to Deal with Unpredictability & Uncertainty of agricultural products

Agricultural production is synonymous with uncertainty often by virtue of its exposure to the weather; the unpredictability of disease and pests; and, the seasonality of harvest and market cycles. Logistics are a critical part of the agricultural flows and we offer the suitable service that guarantees the availability, timing, traceability, and quality of goods. Our agricultural professionals provide the total end-to-end transportation advice, from farm collections, storage, and distribution to each buyer. Working closely with state and federal government agencies such as FDA, USDA, and etc. to ensure a hassle-free, seamless movement of agricultural products.

Key Factors

  • Direct Service Contracts with Carriers
  • Temperature Control During Transit
  • FDA & USDA Regulation & Compliance Control
  • Ocean Carriage & Bulk
  • Extensive Knowledge About Transports and Regulations Worldwide
  • 20 Year of Customs Clearance Experience for FDA